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Dexxter is available for stud on a select basis. He has had full DNA, eye and X-ray protocols. He will generate Yellows and Blacks.

We are not producing puppies for the forseeable future.


If You Want Labrador Puppies, Call a Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta Breeder!

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BE CAREFUL who you buy a Labrador Puppy from.

There are two absolutes a purchaser of Labrador puppies in Alberta or nationwide must be aware of. There are breeder associations for a reason, to protect you from puppy mills and breeders who simply refuse to follow any form of code of ethics and, there are breed standards that apply to all that are not to be ignored simply because it is inconvenient or the breeder disagrees.  Any breeder that argues these two points has a hidden agenda and is not who you should be buying a life long companion from.

A breeder that doesn’t belong to their breed’s Provincial Accreditation body has something to hide and none of the excuses they rhyme off can counter that membership is inexpensive and quality controls are in place to protect the breed and the purchaser. Yes there is an expectation of ( and a cost) meeting medical, genetic and physical certification. Be aware that just being a member of CKC is easy but a Provincial Breeder Association wants proof and participation. Those who don’t should not be breeding or selling dogs.

There is a debate about Labrador Retriever colours. You can click on the links below and read more but the point is The Canadian Kennel Club, Australian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club and England’s The Kennel Club DO NOT accept nor register colours other than Yellow, Chocolate and Black. Those who wish to change this have due process to follow and in the meanwhile they are simply LYING to the public. Silver, Champagne or any other designer colour is not associated with a pure bred Labrador. These internet marketing puppy outlets hide behind the self interest accreditation clubs and societies they created and their own in house awards. If and when the majority changes their opinion about these genetic abnormalities, which seems unlikely given the latest decisions of most National Breed organizations, THEN and only then can you buy a pure bred Labrador that is Neon Green.

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